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The EndGame
How Not To Be Invisible

How Not To Be Invisible

Paula Marie Usrey explains how women can empower themselves.

Paula Marie Usrey, a former professor of speech communications and professional retirement coach, is the author of Refusing to be Invisible: Life Planning Empowerment Strategies for Women 50+. In this interview, she discusses:

  • How it feels to be “erased” - to be treated not as yourself but as an “old person”

  • How women 50+ can communicate strength, verbally and nonverbally

  • Why ageism and sexism seem to be so firmly imbedded in American culture

  • The importance of having a clear purpose

  • Why you can anticipate joyful, positive experiences ahead as an older woman.

Paula’s book is available on Amazon. You can see Paula’s blog and other resources, and subscribe to her monthly newsletter, at

The EndGame
The EndGame
The EndGame podcast discusses every aspect of positive aging. Geared to listeners who are "chronologically gifted," it gives voice to authors, experts, and ordinary people who have helpful perspectives and advice for elders. The focus is on aging with joy and purpose.
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