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Yes, Retirement Will Rock the Boat
Yes, Retirement Will Rock the Boat
Coach Karen Carr discusses retirement's impact on relationships

Karen Carr has been coaching adults since 2001 to help them get better clarity about their lives and the possibilities open to them. In this interview she explains why retirement often forces change in marriage, in friendships, and other aspects of life. Among her observations:

  • In a way, we have to unlearn everything we’ve learned about living.

  • As Victor Frankl observed, our greatest fear is of the unknown.

  • Transitions are difficult.

  • The freedom of infinite free time can be overwhelming.

  • Friends don’t want you to change. It’s more comfortable for them if you stay as you are.

  • A good retirement coach listens - without an agenda - and helps you find what’s best for you.

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For more about Karen Carr’s coaching practice, check out her website:

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