Mar 30, 2022 • 24M

When Retirement Strains Relationships

The author of "Too Much Togetherness" explains why retirement can be stressful.

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The EndGame podcast discusses every aspect of positive aging. Geared to listeners who are "chronologically gifted," it gives voice to authors, experts, and ordinary people who have helpful perspectives and advice for elders. The focus is on aging with joy and purpose.
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Miriam Goodman, an accomplished journalist, award-winning radio and television producer, and author of Too Much Togetherness: Surviving Retirement as a Couple, tackles such topics as:

  • Do retired men turn into their fathers?

  • Why retirement is a feminist issue

  • The G-men: Ghost, Glommer, Grumbler, Gypsy, General

  • Why women should not feel guilty about having free time

And, as a special bonus, she also talks about her Village in San Francisco and how it works to help elders age in place successfully.