The EndGame
The EndGame
Retirement for the Hippie-at-Heart

Retirement for the Hippie-at-Heart

Have it your way, you independent-minded renegade.

Margaret Nash is a life-long seeker, a self-described hippie at heart, and the author of 7 books, among them Rebellious Aging and The Retirement Rebel. An Alabama native and a long-time resident of England, she is a “semi-retired” life coach based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. In this interview, Margaret discusses:

  • The peculiar difficulties our generation faces in transitioning to retirement.

  • Why retirement involves some grieving for the life we leave behind.

  • The major pitfalls of retirement: changes (often several at once), choices (too many), clutter (too much) and challenge (lack of it).

  • Why we don’t want to fade into the sunset - and don’t have to!

You can read more about Margaret Nash’s coaching practice and find links to her books at her website,

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The EndGame
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