The EndGame
The EndGame
Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing Yourself

Psychologist and coach Karen Midyet explains why anything is possible in our later years.

Karen Midyet, a clinical psychologist, reinvented herself in her 50s (after a three-year “retirement”) as a retirement coach and specialist on older adults. With more than 45 year of experience as a counselor and coach, she shares some of her wisdom about a number of topics, including:

  • What makes the transition to retirement so difficult

  • How to incorporate structure in your life, while remaining firmly in charge

  • How older adults can reinvent or repurpose themselves to live the life they want

  • Why it’s okay to make mistakes or false starts when no one is keeping score

  • The importance of social connections, physical activity, and nutrition on physical and cognitive health.

    You can learn more about Karen Midyet’s coaching practice at

The EndGame
The EndGame
The EndGame podcast discusses every aspect of positive aging. Geared to listeners who are "chronologically gifted," it gives voice to authors, experts, and ordinary people who have helpful perspectives and advice for elders. The focus is on aging with joy and purpose.
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