Another Hopkins researcher, William Richards, has a fascinating book about psychedelics - their use in palliative care for one thing - called SACRED KNOWLEDGE. Really interesting reading!

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Dec 4, 2021Liked by Don Akchin

Interesting post, Don, as usual.

From the perspective of a veteran expert in the field of ADHD and its all-too-common misdiagnoses (e.g. depression, anxiety, cyclothymia, bipolar disorder, ASD, etc.), I find this trend extremely worrying.

The mental health "field" is one big crazy-quilt of expertise, unsubstantiated dogma, knowledge gaps, cowboy prescribers, cult of personality and evidence, arrogance and humility. The last thing is needs is a new shiny for those who don't know how to do their jobs.

The public seriously has no clue about this. When people say, "Get help" or "talk to a professional," I just roll my eyes. The uneducated mental health consumer is a sitting duck.

How does this relate to psychedelics and pot? Because in large part this is researchers and Michael Pollan seeking notoriety.

Why work harder to make more accurate diagnoses? Why not just call them "treatment failures" and ply them with ketamine and psychedelics. Because that is what's happening.

Why learn about how individual biochemistries mean different responses to, for example, stimulants, and titrate carefully, with both classes of stimulants? Why bother when you can just throw cannabis at them to deal with "side effects". Because that is what's happening.

You want to see just how irresponsibly this latest, dangerous, under-studied trend is? Just check who is shilling this stuff in Facebook ads.

Gina Pera

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Dec 4, 2021Liked by Don Akchin

Great article, Don. I happen to be wearing bell bottoms as I write this! The Hopkins researchers were actively recruiting for their psychedelic studies on Facebook a few months ago. Though I never indulged - and never will, I'm pleased to see that science has caught up with Dr. Timothy Leary.

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