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Mindfulness and the Older Mind

Mindfulness and the Older Mind

The author of Ageing Upwards explains how mindfulness can be a great help.

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Berit Lewis has come to understand mindfulness on both an intellectual and an emotional level. In her new book, Ageing Upwards, the Danish author explains how she came to study mindfulness and what she believes it can do for everyone - and especially for older adults. In this interview, she discusses:

  • How she learned that she and her thoughts were not the same.

  • The difference between the true practice and “McMindfulness.”

  • How mindfulness helps older adults accept the changes that come with age.

  • Why we must change the narrative that aging is all downhill.

  • Why we cannot always change things but we can always change how we respond to them.

You can learn more about Berit Lewis and order a copy of her new book at her website,

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