The EndGame
The EndGame
How To Live A Long, Joyful Life

How To Live A Long, Joyful Life

Life coach Kit Cassingham shares her practices for living well.

How can you live a happy, healthy, high-energy life? In this interview, Kit Cassingham (with additional input from her cat Mash) shares her philosophy and discusses:

  • Her formula for longevity.

  • Finding your “Why,” as opposed to values others instilled in you.

  • How much of health is genetic and how much is under our control.

  • Learning to alter your mindset.

  • The secret to stretching your comfort zone to become more resilient.

You can learn more about Kit’s workshops and other offerings at her website,

The EndGame
The EndGame
The EndGame podcast discusses every aspect of positive aging. Geared to listeners who are "chronologically gifted," it gives voice to authors, experts, and ordinary people who have helpful perspectives and advice for elders. The focus is on aging with joy and purpose.
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