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Good News About Dementia
Good News About Dementia
A new book explains how to prevent it - and it's not too late.

In their new book Dementia Prevention: Using Your Head to Save Your Brain, Emily and Mitchell Clionsky explain that we can control much of the risk of contracting dementia. Emily, a physician, and Mitchell, a neuropsychologist, offer important insights in this informative interview about things we can do to prevent dementia. Among the topics covered:

  • How to distinguish between normal aging and serious mental impairment.

  • Why eating the right foods is not the most effective prevention tool.

  • Half the people correctly diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment can actually get better - or at least, no worse.

  • A five-minute assessment tool can diagnose dementia - or reassure you that you haven’t got it.

  • The value of getting diagnosed early.

    The book is available from the Johns Hopkins Press.

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