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Change the Narrative about Ageism

Change the Narrative about Ageism

Janine Vanderberg talks about why ageism hurts us all and what to do about it.

Janine Vanderberg leads Changing the Narrative, a Colorado-based public interest campaign working to change how people think, talk, and act about aging and ageism. In this interview, Janine discusses:

  • How ageism hurts the economic security of adult in their 50s, 60s, and beyond

  • How ageism has a harmful effect on the healthcare and lifespans of older adults

  • How sometimes the greatest harm comes from ageism we internalize and use against ourselves.

  • The business case for intergenerational teams that include older workers

  • What we can do to talk back constructively to those with ageist attitudes

You can find out more about Janine and her campaign at

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