The EndGame
The EndGame
Care for the Caregivers
Care for the Caregivers
Betsy Wurzel shares what she learned from hard-fought experience.

Betsy Wurzel, a nurse by training, became a personal caregiver to two family members afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. Inspired by her experiences, she offers support to caregivers. In this interview she talks about:

  • The impact of caregiving on caregivers, physically, emotionally, mentally

  • Life after caregiving (yes, it does exist)

  • The necessity of self-care for the caregiver

  • Dealing with guilt, PTSD, and other impacts

  • Asking for help.

You can learn more about Betsy Wurzel’s Facebook support group at #kickAlzheimersassmovement or by checking out her podcast, Chatting with Betsy, on Passionate World Talk Radio.

The EndGame

The EndGame

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