Apr 27, 2022 • 25M

Become a Better Grandparent - Even at a Distance

Kerry Byrne's research-based ideas help nurture connections with the youngest generation.

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The EndGame podcast discusses every aspect of positive aging. Geared to listeners who are "chronologically gifted," it gives voice to authors, experts, and ordinary people who have helpful perspectives and advice for elders. The focus is on aging with joy and purpose.
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Kerry Byrne stepped away from academic research to solve a real-world problem: how to form close bonds with grandchildren from far away. Based on research and her own experience as a mother in Dubai, she created The Long-Distance Grandparent.

Whether your grandchildren are halfway around the world or up the street, Kerry gives great insights into:

  • Why grandparents really should “sweat the small stuff.”

  • The importance of maintaining a “cheat sheet.”

  • Finding your own grandparenting style.

  • How to have good play over video.

  • The ultimate secret weapon: snail mail!

Have a listen! And spread the word.


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