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Hi! I’m Don Akchin. I’m a recovering journalist and since March 2021 I have been the writer and podcaster of The EndGame.

I took a long road to get here. I retired at age 66, with the goal of achieving my cherished childhood dream of writing fiction. In my adult years I had postponed the dream while earning my bread as a news reporter, editor, marketing communications writer, and consultant. Always I wrote for other people. Now, I thought, I had the freedom to become an author and write just for me.

Only it didn’t work out that way.

I did write two novels over four years. (Neither found an agent or a publisher.) Despite achieving my dream, I found myself dissatisfied with my life in retirement.

For one thing, I felt guilty. My wife was still working, and working hard, while I sat in my office having the time of my life. For another, writing books wasn’t as fulfilling as I had dreamed it would be. There was no feedback, no encouragement. No sense of being useful, or feeling I was doing something the world cared about.

Don’t you just hate when you know exactly what you want, and it turns out you’re wrong?

Lucky for me, I made a course correction that made a huge difference. I decided to write about what I was learning about retirement and getting older, and to write it for others who were experiencing or about to experience the same things. That became The EndGame.

I write about aging and retirement from a positive perspective. I see these years as a gift, a time to experiment in ways we never could when we were “adulting.” I see it as an opportunity to discover sides of ourselves that we have neglected, to find new ways to connect with people, to find new reasons to be alive.

I am no expert. I’m just discovering these things for myself, and sharing with you what I am experiencing and the wisdom I have collected from others. I invite you to join me on my voyage of discovery by becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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Aging with purpose and joy. The EndGame is an inquisitive, empathetic, and humorous exploration of all aspects of age, for those who are not ready to fade away.


Don Akchin writes novels, short stories, and essays from his home in Baltimore, MD. He is the publisher of The EndGame.