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It’s Not Too Late!

            Life is a pre-existing condition. And a particularly dangerous one, with a mortality rate of 100%. Many of us believe as we age, life gets progressively worse.

            I believed that for many years. As I entered my mid-60s and discovered that being a sexagenarian wasn’t nearly as rewarding as it sounded, I found myself worrying about every creak in my knees, every strained muscle in the hips, every possible sign of lung cancer or diabetes of stroke. It seemed I was waiting for Mr. Reaper.

            Perhaps you have been there. You’ve done what was expected of you – most of the time – you made a family, raised kids, earned your living, and behaved as a responsible adult, and now here you are – and you still feel like you missed something. You had brilliant dreams as a child about how your life would be, only to find that most dreams had to be shelved in favor of harsh realities. Maybe those dreams faded – or maybe you wish there were still some way to achieve one or two of them, if only you weren’t so old.

            Well, I have great news! It’s not too late! I have discovered that getting older does not have to be a dismal spiral of decline. With the proper orientation, your last years can be your best years.

            They are, in fact, the perfect time to treat yourself to some “me” time – time to recapture your dreams. Time to express those parts of yourself that you’ve had to suppress for years.

            It’s the perfect time because you’ve already met your adulting obligations. You’ve been the dutiful son or daughter. You’ve been the spouse. You’ve been the parent. You’ve been the employee or business owner. And now, it may be the fourth quarter, but the game’s not over! Did you hear a fat lady sing? I didn’t hear a fat lady sing. It’s the right time for a final rally – a chance to live your life your way, free of the restraints that held you down.

            And you are not alone. You have an opportunity to join a community of people who are as chronologically gifted as yourself – to share ideas about living your dreams, to share inspiring personal stories, to explore perspectives on finding lives of meaning and purpose. We’re all in a shared adventure together, where there are no fixed answers, just great questions.

            I’m no expert on aging, aside from surviving to the ripe age of threescore and ten. Once that was considered a good run. Today that mile marker doesn’t indicate the end but a new beginning. What I do know is my years of experience as a community leader, working with people where they are and encouraging them to move forward. From my communications career, I’ve become an effective researcher and have produced newsletters that curate and present valuable information to readers.

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            I won’t be marketing health insurance, vitamin supplements, retirement communities, or crutches. My goal is to create a community where members can share their common concerns and their successes and we can work together to make the most of our allotted time.

            Oh – and did I mention it’s free?

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Aging with purpose and joy


Don Akchin

Don Akchin writes novels, short stories, and essays from his home in Baltimore, MD. He is the publisher of The EndGame.